Back to School Supplies for Students

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Children of all ages receive a backpack full of necessary back-to-school supplies at the end of the summer. One day is for children of our parish, and the next day is for all children in the area.

Union County Heritage Festival

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The Union County Heritage Festival is held during the month of October in Maynardville, TN. We run a booth and sell foods like popcorn and tamales, and meet and greet visitors and the community so they know were are in the area and have outreach programs.

Youth Scholarshp Program

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Students are encouraged to apply for school scholarships. The Youth Scholarhip Program is developed by our Church, so Catholic students in all highschools who are parish members can apply. The awarded money will help cover upcoming school expenses.


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Carnival is a major fund raising event with musicians, food, games and auctions. It is also a time of outreach.

Winter Warmth Giveaway
(blankets, coats, hats, scarves)

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Children of all ages and adults can get warm clothing needed for winter. This is done as the weather turns wintery.

Supporting Mobile Health Clinic
(St. Mary's Legacy Clinic)

The St. Mary’s Legacy Clinic makes the trip to Rutledge in Grainger County to provide free primary care the 1st Wednesday of each month. They see patients between 10am and 2pm on scheduled clinic days. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or helping volunteer, please contact Theresa Valero at (865)212-5570.

Emergency Relief Program

This program is coordinated by Brother Joe. Those in need come to register with the Church for relief. Brother Joe contacts them to assess their needs so they can be helped.

Under the Tree
(books for children - infant to 14 years)

Over 400 youth helped with books. Books make stimulating Christmas gifts.

Supporting Food Pantries
(Union County, Hinds Creek & Revival Vision)


Corner of Hickory Valley Rd & Fall Creek Rd

Sponsored by Erwin’s Chapel Methodist Church.
Distributes food on the 2nd & 4th Mondays 2:00pm - 5:00pm. The truck comes in about 10:30am. They could use help, in the morning unloading the truck, especially in the winter. Director Kitty Lewis at (865) 992-4355 or (865) 684-4136


892 Hinds Creed Rd, Maynardville 37807

Sponsored by Hinds Creek Baptist Church.
Distributes food on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Come for potluck lunch at 12:00pm. Food Distribution starts at 1:00pm. Coordinators: Emily Beason (865) 368-6867 and Pam Williams (865) 660-9583.